tropical resort

The brief was to design a small eco-hotel on a steeply sloping site on a caribbean island with a central hub, service space and chalets around a series of pools and open spaces, we also designed a separate villa for the owners.

Design Solutions
After analysing the site we opted to create a vehicle entrance and parking at the bottom of the site on the land most likely to flood in the event of a hurricane. The communal building is set just above this level in a "yard" space for open air parties and dining, chalets are higher up to either side of the small valley running through the site on a series of terraces that hark back to the agricultural use the land had previously. Pools surrounded by boulders and major planting are focused in the valley giving shade and creating a tumbling natural narrative through the site. The villa is positioned on a level area away from the valley giving it more privacy and incredible views to the north and west.
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